November 2011 at the Israeli Knesset

Helping Hands Coalition, the agency in charge of caring for Holocaust survivors in Israel, held a conference November 2011 to recognize and express appreciation for those around the world who are working to help survivors living in Israel today. 

March of Remembrance & March of Life (Europe) were presented awards by Lia Shemtov of the Israeli Knesset and we gratefully accept on your behalf. We have posted this "Certificate of Honour" at our Facebook page already and will make it available for download, printing, and framing for you on the website.
And as the vision of the March of Remembrance was explained during that conference, there were Polish christians who heard your testimony and were inspired to organize a nationwide event to connect all death camps in Poland with a 1,200 mile prayer walk being divided by every denomination of the church in Poland to begin breaking the silence of indifference which exists still today. The fruition of that begins at Auschwitcz in a couple of weeks on August 19th as Polish, German, and American believers will walk a "Star of David" over the nation of Poland ending in Warsaw August 25th. 
We believe that this will begin to change the fate of their nation as it has done in Germany, Ukraine, Latvia, and Lithuania before them. YOU are invited as a guest of honor, of course.
Thanks to your vision and courage, the people of Israel are comforted in knowing they have sincere friends in the nations! The March of Remembrance will continue to inspire people everywhere to break the silence of indifference and stand in righteousness because of people like you.


From the bottom of my heart, our national team at March of Remembrance thanks you for being faithful to Israel.

Ted Pearce & Steve Wearp
March of Remembrance



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