Kristallnacht - November 9th, 1938


On November 9th 1938, the Holocaust began and the illusion of civility faded. The intent of the Nazis to systematically destroy the Jewish people was openly displayed to a world that responded with mostly silence. This day witnessed the destruction of over a thousand synagogues and seven thousand Jewish-owned businesses. Approximately thirty thousand innocent people were sent to concentration camps for being Jewish, with hundreds more murdered throughout Austria and Germany while the world did nothing.

In remembrance of this day we challenge people everywhere to consider the ultimate cost of being silent about Kristallnacht. The seeds of calamity were sown many years before, and the sudden transformation of Germany was unprecedented in modern history. How could this have happened in a country that produced more Christian theologians than any other during the 1930's? Could something like this happen again in our country? How would we respond? 






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