Click photo for March of Remembrance brochure
Click photo for March of Remembrance brochure









Next March of Remembrance


April 23, 2017!







Support the MoR through your Tax Deductible Donations!
Support the MoR through your Tax Deductible Donations!
Organize an MoR in your City!
Organize an MoR in your City!
Be a Prayer Partner with the MoR!
Be a Prayer Partner with the MoR!

Participate to Volunteer at a Local Event!


Be a Part of the March of Remembrance



Organize an event in your city!


Would you like to hold or sponsor a March of Remembrance in your area? You may be surprised by how many people in your city have a passion to be involved, once they are aware it's happening. Some places are large events of honor engaging an entire city, while others are more of a grassroots prayer walk of Christians. As we all walk together in different cities of the world at the same time, we are calling on our God to move mightily in the Earth, as we simply break the deafening silence. 


March of Remembrance has created a helpful "starter kit" that will get your city going with 24 t-shirts, a banner, and a jump-drive containing information and suggestions to hold a stellar event of honor.


Just email and someone from our National team will respond to help YOUR city hold a March of Remembrance! 


Learn More - Organize a March easy as 123





Houston Texas has been our biggest event in the USA for the last 3 years, engaging all strata of society in the nation's third largest city. Especially if you are inquiring about holding an event in a large city, you may want to check out the Houston website for helpful ideas.






United States Holocaust Museum Planning Guide






Commit to pray before and during the March of Remembrance!
We need committed intercessors to take shifts leading up to and also during March of Remembrance events around the world. Our National Prayer co-ordinator is Carmen Mauldin by emailing
.  She serves YOU by coordinating the prayer concerns and participants every local event lifted up before the Throne of Heaven. We encourage your local organization to appoint a  contact person who can participate in telephone prayer conferences with Carmen and prayer coordinators from other cities. This is a great way to meet with servants from around the nation and gain from their insight and updates leading up to the March of Remembrance. 


Register as an Intercessor



Walk with us!
In cities all over the USA and internationally, there will be people participating in the March of Remembrance. These events are still being organized, but if you sign up, you will be informed about any marches close to your city. We recommend that you get the official March of Remembrance t-shirt and wear it proudly even long before the March of Remembrance, to help get the word out in your sphere of influence. 


Register as a Participant


You can offer financial support - help us make all events honorable.


















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