March of the Nations

Join us in celebrating the 70th birthday of modern Israel



All over the world, cities and nations have been joining March of Remembrance in a global March of Life.

It started in Germany, spread to the USA, and now is in a multitude of cities & nations throughout Europe, North & South America, Asia, Africa, and Australia


Next year, we will walk up to Jerusalem together on May 13-15, 2018!

A call of the Global March of Life


Join the vision of Isaiah 60:1-5 in taking to the streets for Israel's 70th anniversary.

March of Life is collaborating with the Israeli government in preparation of the event. If you would like to receive email updates directly, please click here to sign up.


Tours will also be offered around the events for groups as well individuals in join on-

more coming soon... 


You do not want to miss this!