This year, tens of thousands of people around the world joined together on Yom HaShoah for public & private observances of remembrance. Over 60 cities joined together with March of Remembrance in 2014 in honor of all who suffered in the Holocaust.

In early April, March of Remembrance joined March of Life Intl and about 1,200 Austrian Christians to "break the silence" in the hometown of Adolf Hitler with a walk from Linz to Mauthausen and Gusen Concentration camps in Austria. Our line of brave saints stretched more than a mile long. 


Later in the same month, leaders from March of Remembrance joined with March of Life International to march 120 miles across Hungary to Budapest. And for the first time, we combined with March of the Living to walk through the city with approximately 25,000 people from around the world. 



Pastor Jobst Bittner, the founder & visionary for the March of Life International was a key-note speaker at this important event.




On this same day in cities around the world, ordinary people everywhere joined together through March of Remembrance events to take the streets of their respective cities in prayer. In the United States this year there were 49 cities who held a March of Remembrance publicly. In most places, we also provided a platform for Shoah survivors to speak about the lessons we should remember from the Shoah. 

Senior Pastor of Victory Church in Canton TX, Dr. Michael Burns captured the heart of the March of Remembrance as he gave the Christian response - challenging the audience to do more than merely participate in the March and attending a Service. He called for the Church to take action, standing up against injustice, displaying love, and working in whatever way we can to eliminate prejudice in our everyday world.






Bartlesville, OK         Paradise, CA       Bristol, TN       Columbus, OH       Chico, CA       Arvada, CO   

Dayton, OH       Atlanta, GA       Houston, TX       Canton, TX       Montgomery, AL       Denver, CO   

New Orleans, LA       Jacksonville, FL       Bellingham, WA       Bloomington, IL       Bakersfield, CA   

St. Louis, MO       Boca Raton, FL       Louisville, KY       Washington DC       Bristol, VA       Benld, IL   

Altus, OK        Greencastle, IN       Greensboro, NC       Tucson, AZ       Hart Park, CA       Melbourne, FL   

Pittsburgh, PA       Terre Haute, IN       Columbus, IN       Del Rio, TX       Jackson, MS        

Woodland Hills, CA       Midland/Odessa, TX       St. Paul, MN       Omaha, NE       Redlands, CA        

Miami, FL       Kansas City, MO       China Grove/Landis, NC       Indianapolis, IN       Tampa, FL       Birmingham, AL        Murrieta/Temecula, CA       Bethlehem, PA       Branson, MO       Conoga Park, CA





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