Tulsa, Oklahoma


Organizer(s) Linda & Paul Nix  Coordinators,  918-728-4296

                      Bernadette DiAntinio, and Sharon Martin





Starting time is 2:00 pm Sunday

April 23, 2017. We will gather at 71st and Riverside at
Rivergate Church's parking lot South East corner of  parking lot.

Then march East for less than 1/2 mile to Liberator's Part on the property of the Tulsa Jewish Federation.. We will read allowed the names of those who perished in honor and remembrance of the brave liberators and those that perished during the terrible time of the Holocaust. We peacefully walk,  pray, or just remembering their families as we march to Liberator's Park. Their will be a memorial service showing our love, support , and unity with our community friends. There will be speakers who have personally lived through those days.


Order march logo tee shirts by emailing us at the tulsamofremembrance@gmail.com $15.00 each 


Please note the founders wishes: This is an international prayer walk to honor those who perished in the Holocaust and honor the Liberators and survivors. We can do that by remembering not to bring shofars or wear kippers, tallits, or messaged tee shirts, this is not a political rally nor the time for proselytizing. Thank you for you respect honoring the founder's wishes.






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