2015 March of Remembrance - Washington D.C.
From last years -  March of Remembrance - Wash DC




"He Who Saves One Life Saves The    World Entire."


- Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin 37a










2017 Washington D.C. March of Remembrance, April 23rd, 2017



Gathering Time: TBD


March Start Time: TBD


Starting Location: By the Washington Monument (2 blocks from the National Holocaust Museum) on the corner of 15th Street NW and Jefferson Drive SW.


Route: Walking to the Capital Building and returning toward the Washington Monument





Special Announcement from Rabbi Mark Rantz



Blessings and Shalom dear friends, and thank you for visiting our March of Remembrance page for our Nations Capital. My name is Rabbi Mark Rantz and for the last number of years I have served as the regional director for the March of Remembrance in both the Baltimore and Washington D.C, area. since that time, I have related to Ocala, FL where I now serve as Congregational Leader at Mishkan Messianic Congregation and lead the March of Remembrance in our area. 


​We are presently in need of a new regional director for our nations capital and I would love to hear from you. If you are interested in leading this important ministry, please email me at bethelsem2011@gmail.com. When considering the prophetic nature of the March of Remembrance, it goes without saying of how important Washington is. Id God's calling is on you for this task, then please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you!



​~ Rabbi Mark Rantz





In Judaism, apart from the worship of God, nothing is more sacred than the human life. Genesis 1:26-27 reminds that all of us, regardless of race or background are all made in the image of God and after our likeness. 


Yet despite the will of God, and his heart for all of humankind, there has always been those who have preferred hate over love, While opposing all that is holy and set apart. In World War II, Adolf Hitler sought to implement his "Final Solution," and today, through global anti-Semitism and Islamic terrorism and the BDS movement, the whole world seems to have turned their backs on God, Israel and the Jewish people!




Through the March of Remembrance, both Jew and Christian, during Yom HaShoah gather annually to declare by both our words and actions -







Make plans of bing at the National Mall - April 23, 2017!





In Messiah,


Rabbi Mark J. Rantz

Regional Director for the March of Remembrance, 

Ocala, FL (Marion County)










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