March of Remembrance - May 1, 2016!

(or late April/early May: Yom HaShoah May 5)



Knesset Award Ceremony February 24th, 2015   The March of Remembrance
"March of Remembrance"
Recognized and Honored
by the Israeli Knesset!

"Why We March"



March of Remembrance is a connecting point for people everywhere who wish to observe Yom HaShoah (Holocaust) through public prayer and memorial events, primarily addressing the darkness of our own times by remembering lessons learned from the Shoah.


We help with resources and materials for local organizers to plan for Christian prayer gatherings, and in appropriate places, provide a platform for Shoah survivors and their descendants to give public testimony.


In cities where it is possible, we recommend public Christian prayer walks to attend Jewish-sponsored events. March of Remembrance also supports Shoah survivors in Israel today by organizing benefit events and awareness campaigns. 


We are closely related to the March of Life movement which has engaged all strata of society and hundreds of Christian churches in national campaigns of prayer across Germany, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Austria, and Hungary in 2014. 


Find the city nearest you and go pray! Or maybe you would you like to hold a March of Remembrance in your area?  Contact us at ( and get the resources you need to start planning today!


And download a brochure by clicking to help explain why we walk....


A Pictorial History of the March of Remembrance



March of Remembrance Brochure!  Please feel free to Download and Share!

CLICK THE COVER TO GET THE BOOK by Pastor Jobst Bittner of Tubingen Germany, Founder of March of Life, as he explores the trauma between generations caused by the Holocaust in both Jewish and German families.

 Pastor Jobst Bittner of Tubingen Germany, Founder of March of Life, as he explores the trauma of the Holocaust in both Jewish and German families.






American organization March of Remembrance, led by Ted Pearce, gathered with Helping Hand Coalition Global Forum at the Knesset to receive an award commending their work in standing for Israel, raising awareness, and preserving the memories of the Holocaust.   This year we remember the passing of our good friend, Paul Argiewicz (circled in this picture) and Rosalie Schiff, who both passed on this year. Click on this photo to download the March of Remembrance brochure!   Helping Hand Coalition is dedicated to meeting the needs of Holocaust Survivor and under-privileged persons in Israel.







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